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WHY A GSA MAS Contract?
If you want to increase your federal sales or get into the federal market, one of the most important contracting vehicles is a GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract (often called a GSA Contract, GSA Schedule, or GSA Number). We call it a GSA MAS Contract. Here are some of the reasons you need a GSA MAS Contract:
  • Access to business opportunities non-contract holders do not have. About $40 BILLION worth.
  • Pre approved pricing.
  • Shorter government procurement cycle.
  • Increased opportunities can lead to increased federal revenue.
  • Smaller pool of competitors vying for these business opportunities.
  • Pre-vetted technical capabilities which serves as validation from GSA that your company is capable of performing on government contracts.
  • Letting potential buyers know that your company has a GSA Schedule can give you a competitive edge over non-GSA competitors.
  • GSA's marketing tools like eBuy and GSA Advantage! 
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Who Qualifies for a GSA Schedule?

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